From Tight Budgets to Financial Flexibility with Motito Buy Now, Pay Later.

He said that Motito allows you to buy essential assets like mobile phones, laptops, and home appliances and pay for them in Installments.

From Tight Budgets to Financial Flexibility with Motito Buy Now, Pay Later.
Patrick's Financial Flexibility Journey with Motito

Welcome to the Motito Customer Diaries – real experiences from real Motito Tribe Members. Looking for flexible financial options? Need some inspiration? This series is for you.

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Meet Patrick

Patrick is a resident of Adenta, a fitness enthusiast, and works as a Supplier for Coral Paints Ghana. Recently, he was searching for flexible financing options to support the soft life agenda. That's when he discovered Motito and he has a lot of positive things to say.


Let’s jump in.

Tell us about how you first heard about Motito and what motivated you to start using the Motito App?

My friend introduced me to Motito. One day, when I was short on cash after buying some items, my friend told me that I should have informed him about my financial situation. He said that Motito allows you to buy essential assets like mobile phones, laptops, and home appliances and pay for them in Installments. I was impressed and asked him to explain it to me. After hearing about the company's services, I decided to give it a try.

My first purchase from Motito was an LG woofer.

LG Home Theatre

Eish. That’s nice!

Yeah, it was a home theater. I visited the showroom to choose the item I wanted and my purchase was delivered within just 2-3 days, which made me really happy. I was initially worried that it would take longer, but the quick delivery exceeded my expectations. From then on, I started using the Motito app to buy anything I needed. It's so convenient and hassle-free that I don't have to worry about cash flow anymore.

Awesome awesome!! How would you describe your experience using Motito app?

The Motito app is really cool. I find it easy to navigate and understand. Since I started using it, I have barely encountered any problems. The purchasing procedure is straightforward, and it takes a maximum of 3 days for the item to be delivered. Sometimes it even arrives in just a day. I'm impressed with how efficient their delivery system is.

How many times have you used the Motito platform to make a purchase?

I have made purchases from there a total of four times after the LG Woofer, specifically buying phones on each occasion.

How has the flexibility in payment benefited you? Has it had any positive impact on your financial goals?

Initially, when I wanted to make a purchase, I used to go directly to the store and spend all my money on the item I wanted. However, living in this country means that there will always be unexpected expenses that require money. This would leave me in a difficult financial situation because I had already spent all my money on an item. But since I started using Motito's app, I can make purchases and pay for them in installments. This means that I only need to make a 40% down payment, and I can pay the remaining amount in bits. It doesn't affect me too much financially because I am only using a small portion of my salary to make the payments. This is much better than spending all my money at once, which would leave me in a difficult financial situation.

This is really amazing to hear.

Have you ever had any Interaction with our customer support team, If yes, how would you describe the experience?

I must say that Motito's customer service is the best!

Oh really?

Oh yeahhh. The customer support team is very polite, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist me no matter how many times I call for help. Whenever I call them, they attend to my needs promptly, and I can sense their willingness to help.

Would you recommend Motito to other small businesses or individuals looking for Flexible Financial Solutions?

Absolutely, I have been recommending Motito's service for some time now. So far, two people have joined, but they haven't made any purchases yet. Regarding my future plans with Motito, I am excited to continue using the app for my future purchases. There are many things coming up in my life that require me to purchase items, and I trust Motito to help me with that. In fact, I plan to make another purchase using the Motito app in the next month or two.

But can I ask you a question?

This is where things got very interesting! Patrick had so many questions for me that he became the interviewer. It was quite unexpected, but I was happy to answer all of his questions.

Of Course!

A friend of mine wanted to purchase an item, which required a large amount of money. I suggested Motito as a good option to obtain credit, but it turns out that my friend doesn't have a payslip since he is not on a monthly salary. I was wondering if there is anything available in Motito that can help people not on a monthly salary obtain credit?

Yes, We actually have a system in place.

Motito can also accept your bank statement as a credible source of income, aside your monthly payment slip. So even if you're not on a monthly salary, your bank statement can inform us if you have a steady stream of income. Additionally, you can provide your MoMo statement, and we can assess your regular transactions to see if you have a reliable source of income. This way, we can determine if you are capable of paying back the item cost according to the payment plan you choose.

Alright, thank you so much. I have another question. What about loans? Do you give loans?

Currently, we offer asset financing as our primary service. Asset financing means that customers who want to purchase something but do not have the full amount can pay in installments. This way, our customers can buy the things they need without being overwhelmed by the cost. By providing payment options, we aim to help Ghanaian citizens get the items they need since buying something like a 4000 Ghana Cedis laptop all at once can be difficult. We are constantly looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to obtain the items they need.

Finally, what if someone wants to extend their payment plan from 3 months to maybe 4 months?

We do offer Special Services for that. If you prefer a payment period of four months, we can arrange something for you. However, we would require a credible reason as to why three months cannot work for you but four months would.


At this point, I had to quickly get back the steering wheel to drive this conversation. Wheew😅

Do you have any final advice for someone who has used or is considering using our services?

If you want to use these services, my only advice is to be faithful. Whatever plan you choose, make sure you can pay for it. If you fail to pay, then you will be chased around for money and this will not help anyone. Therefore, my only suggestion is to be loyal to your commitments, like the way Motito is being faithful to us.

Thank you, Patrick. I appreciate your time today.