How Does Motito Buy Now Pay Later Work?

How Does Motito Buy Now Pay Later Work?

So you just googled something like ‘What Is the Motito app?’ An excellent question to ask when choosing a finance app. You’ve got to be certain the app you trust with your bank details is rock-solid. Kudos to you for doing your homework! 👍

To make your research a bit easier, we’ve rounded up answers to some of the most common questions about Motito. Let's dive in! 💅

Q: What is Motito App?
A: Motito is a Fintech “buy now, pay later” app trusted by 20,000+ users across  Ghana!

Q:What does Motito do?
A: Motito allows you to purchase items now and pay for them later in installments, so you can shop without emptying your wallet all at once. You just need to download the app, sign up and verify your income to start shopping at our partner stores.

Q:What can I buy with Motito?
A: Motito offers a wide range of items, from electronic appliances, mobile phones, and laptops to household items, electrical sewing machines and MORE- we've got it all to cater to your needs.

Shop your essential assets now and pay later!

Q: Can I get cash loans with Motito?
A: No, we don't do cash loans. But we do something even better - we make your purchases wallet-friendly with our flexible installment plans.

Q: Who is behind the Motito app?
A: Real-life people. Currently, our squad is a mix of tech wizards, creative minds, and customer champions.

A few of us took a moment to take a Selfie for YOU!😄

We're all here because we want to shake up the financial game and improve your overall financial health.

Q: Can I make purchases without the Motito app?
A: No, the Motito app is required to shop and pay later through our platform.

Q: Are there any fees or charges?
A: We're pretty chill. We keep things transparent. Service charge ranges from 5% with an average monthly charge of 5.6% on retail price, and guess what? The first 30 days are charges-free!

Q: What are the installment terms?
A: We offer installment plans that can stretch up to 3 months, with the first month interest-free. We also have specialized schemes that go up to a 6-month plan.

Q: Is there an initial deposit required?
A: Yes, there is a 40% initial deposit upon purchase, and the rest is spread up to 3 monthly payments.

Q: Do I have to pay off the full amount before picking up my item?
A: Not at all! You can pick up your item as soon as you've paid the initial deposit. We like to keep things convenient.

Q: Is my data safe with Motito?
A: Absolutely! We take your data's safety seriously🔒. Our security measures include encryption, firewalls, and stringent protocols to keep your personal information locked down.

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