Motito is thrilled to announce the launch of its new exciting blog series which focuses largely on inspiring hope and promoting financial inclusion through storytelling. This blog series will feature captivating stories of Africans who have overcome financial challenges and more to achieve remarkable feats.

Sounds interesting already, right? Read more below:


The purpose of our blog series is three-fold:

Inspire Hope: We aim to inspire individuals in Africa who are pursuing careers or entrepreneurship by showcasing real-life stories of determination, resilience and success. By sharing such stories, we seek to provide valuable insights, practical guidance and instill hope and belief in the potential within each reader.

Promote Financial Education/Inclusion: The blog series will not only highlight success stories but also address pertinent financial matters and other challenges encountered in entrepreneurship and career. Through the provision of educational content, tips, and advice, we are committed to increasing financial literacy and enabling our readers to make informed financial choices.

Building a Supportive Community: We are confident that, through the establishment of a platform where Africans can learn from one another, share their experiences, and offer assistance, we can collectively contribute to the advancement of the financial system of Africa.

Tune in each week to be ignited with confidence and determination to pursue your dreams!

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